Help with using this site - adding, editing and submitting

If you are just viewing content on the site you do not need to login or register.

If you have already submitted a nursing home to the system, you should have a login created for you that you can get a password for if you go here.

Enter the email you added to the submission for the contact email address for the submission.

A password will be sent to your email address.

Registration is only needed for people who want to add a nursing homes on the website and you have not created a user or been given a user before.

Go here if you wish to register for the site. Here is a simple video on how to register.

If you have a username and password for the site go to the login page.

All information added is reviewed first before being allowed to publish on to the site.

For further help on each section above, see below.

Register on to

Select Register above the main menu on the right hand side (to the right of Login). Here is the link as well.

Here is a simple video on how to regsiter.

On the registration form there is 5 fields to fill in to complete your registration.

Before you finish you can have the site send you an email with your password by ticking the box. By default, the website will not send you this email, so spend a second thinking if this will be useful for yourself in the future.

Select Register to complete the registration.

If there is any problems with your registration, the form appears again with the affected fields in a Red Border and an explanation why there was a problem above the typing area. Confirm password

At all times Step 4 and 5 are reset to default and will need to be entered again for security reasons.

If there are no problems though, you will continue to a page saying welcome, so click the login button and you will be logged in. You will be brought to your personal folder on the iste where you can add or edit your nursing homes.

At all times we respect your privacy and will not share your data with any third parties or make it public on the site.


To Login on to the website, Select Login above the main menu on the right hand side (to the left of Registration). Here is the link as well.

There are two fields to fill in the Login form.

  1. Login Name; you can enter in either your User name or email address into this field.

  2. Password: enter in your password here.

Both Fields are case sensitive, so keep that in mind as you enter the respective information into both fields.

Click 'Login' to continue, and you will enter your own folder. If this did not happen, continue reading.

If there is any problems with your login, the form appears again saying the login failed and to double check the Caps Lock is OFF.

At all times both fields are reset to default and will need to be filled in again for security reasons.
Login form

If you have forgotten your password, scroll down the page to the respected link.

If you need to register on to the site, there is a link further down the page to bring you to the correct form.

There are also some simple explanations for the login not working near the bottom of the page if you continue to have problems.

Log out

Click Log out above the main menu on the right hand side (to the right of My Folder).

If you close down your browser, by default it logs you out. But this can be affected by your browser settings, so always log out if you are outside your regular working area just to be safe.

Adding New Nursing Home.

To add your own Nursing Home, enter My Folder.

Click Add New..., and select Nursing Home near the bottom of the list

This brings up the form for placing your Nursing Home on to the site. This is broken up into 14 sections to keep the 84 options in order. The sections listed are:

  • Fill in Details of Nursing Home (Basic Details)

  • File Attachements to be displayed on page (Picture of Nursing Home and Information Booklet applyable)

  • Home form
  • Type of Home: if the Home is public, private, or voluntary, member of NHI, and if you participate in support schemes

  • Service Types: the types of care you provide

  • Bed Capacity: How many beds and what bedrooms they are in

  • Transport: how accessible the Home is by public transport and what kind of parking is there for visitors

  • Quality Provision: providing different options of managing quality

  • Quality Programmes; Programmes Homes are involved in upholding quality

  • Religion: Is there a primary religious ethos

  • Supported Spoken Languages: What languages the home supports

  • Environment: What is the local environment like and are there controls for it

  • Privacy and Safety of Residents: what systems are in place for the residents

  • Care Provision and Services for Residents: what is in place to take care of residents day to day

  • General Options for Residents: how flexible is the Home to residents.

There are 23 fields within these sections that are the minimum required to publish the Nursing Home. Each of these fields has a '(Required)'(Check out the above picture)next to them. These are:

  • Name of registered Nursing Home

  • Description (Welcome Note)

  • Person in Charge

  • Nursing Home Contact Person

  • Address

  • County

  • Nursing Home's Phone Number

  • Nursing Home's Fax Number

  • Nursing Home's Email Address

  • Map Location

  • Nursing Home Type

  • All 8 fields within Beds Section

  • Complete all fields within the questionnaire

  • Submission Officer's Name and,

  • Submission Officer's Email Address

Without these fields filled in, you will not be able to Save the new Nursing Home or changes made.

To find these fields quickly, do a search (CTRL+F) and type 'required' to find them.

Once you have filled in all the required fields and any other fields to your satisfaction, Click Save at the bottom of the form to send for publication. There is also a field where you may enter your own comments on what changes you have made for the future. Change note

You will now see what the page will look like with your information upon it. At the moment the Page's state is set to Private (in red on the right side of the page for you to easily see) in case there are changes you want to still make.


To get your Nursing home published, click Private, and then 'Submit for Publication' in the following drop down menu. After reloading, the status has now changed to 'Pending Review' (in Orange) as stated in the Info box above the map. This can be retracted from Review by clicking on 'Pending Review' and select 'Retract' from the drop down menu.


When the changes have been approved for publishment, the status will change to Published (In Green) and will be accessible through the public area.

Editing Nursing Home

To edit your Nursing Home, it varies slightly if the Nursing home status is Pending Review, or is been published already.

While Pending Review, the Nursing Home can not be edited. You need to change the status back to Private, to have the Edit Tab reappear in the top left again. Click Pending Review, and select 'Retract' in the drop down menu. Pending


On the other hand, if the Nursing Home is published, the Edit Tab is not hidden and can be clicked upon

The Edit Tab is next to View Tab. Click Edit and the Nursing Home form comes up. Make the changes you want and Click Save at the bottom of the page when you have finished. Change the status back Pending Review and it will be Reviewed ASAP.