Register on to

If you have already submitted a nursing home to the system, you should have a login created for you that you can get a password for if you go here. Enter the email you added to the submission for the contact email address for the submission. A password will be sent to your email address.

Registration is only needed for people who want to add a nursing homes on the website and you have not created a user or been given a user before. Here is a simple video on how to register.

If you have a username and password for the site go to the login page.

All information added is reviewed first before being allowed to publish on to the site.


On the registration form there is 5 fields to fill in to complete your registration.

Before you finish you can have the site send you an email with your password by ticking the box. By default, the website will not send you this email, so spend a second thinking if this will be useful for yourself in the future.

Select Register to complete the registration.

If there is any problems with your registration, the form appears again with the affected fields in a Red Border and an explanation why there was a problem above the typing area. Confirm password

At all times Step 4 and 5 are reset to default and will need to be entered again for security reasons.

If there are no problems, you will continue to a page saying welcome, so click the login button and you will be logged in.