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Adding Documentation Overview
This is a help page for those looking to add documentation
Adding Documentation - New Content
A general overview of how to add new content items in Plone, including definitions of each standard content type
Adding Documentation - Adding Folders
Adding folders to a Plone web site is the basic way of controlling the organization of content.
Adding Documentation - Adding Images
Adding images to a Plone web site is a basic task that may involve a little work on your local computer, but is essential, because photographs, maps, and custom graphics are so important on web sites.
Adding Documentation - Adding Pages
Pages in Plone vary greatly, but are single "web pages," of one sort or another.
TinyMCE User Manual - how to add HTML content
This is to explain how to use the TinyMCE editor to add HTML content within a web page.
TinyMCE User Manual - Basics
TinyMCE User Manual - Inserting Images
TinyMCE User Manual - Inserting Links
TinyMCE User Manual - Inserting Tables
Preparing images for the web