Plan your visit

Tips for visiting a nursing home.

Visiting Nursing Homes

  • Before you or your relative decide on a particular nursing homes visit a number of places to give you a comparison
  • When you visit a nursing home you will meet management and staff which will allow you to assess how your relative would fit in
  • If you get the opportunity you should also speak with residents and their family members. This will give you some idea of the services provided and the overall atmosphere
  • Do ask the questions which are important to you, as your relative’s individual needs will need to be discussed and planned for
  • If you feel the nursing home meets your needs in services and atmosphere, ask about availibility

Review our check list of first impressions and our suggested questions


  • DO assemble, (with family) a list of questions you wish to ask
  • DO note answers as you go along
  • DO ask for copies of the nursing homes information guide or brochures, sample menus or relevant material
  • DO view all residential areas
  • DON’T overlook the importance of revisiting at different times allowing you to meet different members of staff
  • DON’T rush the process, or be rushed. Take the time you need to view and inform yourself