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Background of the Third Age National Advocacy Programme (TANAP)

This is a website of the Third Age National Advocacy Programme. It represents collaboration between Third Age, the Health Service Executive and Nursing Homes Ireland. 

Third Age

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Health Service Executive (HSE) 

Nursing Homes Ireland (NHI)


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Why was established

In 2006 as a result of a public enquiry into abuse at Leas Cross Nursing Home, Dublin, the HSE convened a Forum to address the needs of older people in residential care. One such identified need for comprehensive, comparative information on public, private and voluntary long-stay residential care services to assist older people, their families and carers when making a decision about long-term care. This web site is one of the initiatives established by the HSE as a result of the Forum’s work.

Aims of the website

The web site aims to provide accurate accessible information for those wanting to select a nursing home for themselves or others. Within the site, nursing homes can be accessed by name or location. Clicking on to each named nursing home will provide you with information on its size, levels of care service provided, facilities available, a link to Health Information Quality Authority (HIQA), inspection reports and other relevant information.

Details of each nursing home are provided in a standard format thus helping you to compare like with like.

The web site also anticipates the kinds of questions you may wish to ask in deciding whether a nursing home would suit your particular needs. The site provides a set of questions to guide you before and during your visit to a prospective home - what to look out for, and how to assess the information you hear. The aim at all times is to help you consider all options and make the best choice when faced with decisions of long-term care.

The web site also provides information on other organisations or bodies which may be helpful or relevant to you.

While the web site is designed primarily for use by older people considering residential care, their families and carers, it is hoped it will also provide useful to professionals such as geriatricians, GPs, public health nurses, social workers and other allied health professionals. The database may also be helpful to those responsible for planning residential services or involved in staff training.


The Third Age National Advocacy Programme


The HSE Forum also proposed the development of an independent advocacy service for people in long-term care and their families. An advocate is someone who puts forward a case on behalf of another, and the role of advocacy is being increasingly recognised in Irish life. Health advocacy supports and promotes patient's health care rights as well as enhancing community health and policy initiatives that focus on the availability, safety and quality of care.

The HSE established a training programme for advocates who began to work in residential care homes. The programme was externally evaluated in 2010 with a recommendation for independent management. The HSE initiated a tendering process and Third Age was successful in its application. The programme is now known as the Third Age National Advocacy Programme, with its slogan ‘An ear to listen, a voice to speak’. There are currently just under 200 volunteer advocates working in nursing homes in Ireland

The third recommendation of the HSE Forum was for the provision of a training programme for care workers to help add value to their role. This recommendation has also been fulfilled and ongoing values training is being provided for care workers.